City Coin Now Listed on p2pb2b Exchange

With a Smart City platform to streamline city services and make citizen information easily accessible and secure, City Chain has launched City Coin to enable a new era of community engagement and innovative governance. P2pb2b exchange is the first to offer City Coin for trading.

We are using blockchain technology to make city services available for cities, towns and their citizens through our Smart City Platform. A big step in this process is the development of the City Coin Cryptocurrency, which City Chain is happy to announce has been listed on its first exchange, p2pb2b.

“Our Smart City Platform is being developed specifically to service communities,” commented Laurel Tincher, Head of Marketing at City Chain. “This will be a positive, disruptive development that can potentially change the way masses of people run the communities they live in or create.”

Our goal is to ultimately improve how citizens communicate, socialize, trade and manage their assets (both physical and digital,) all the while cutting costs and moving society forward in an innovative way that benefits all involved. The global team behind City Chain is also developing Norway’s first private city, Liberstad, where City Chain will be tested and implemented.

City Chain is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain built on the Stratis Platform. Staking rewards for holding City Coins in your City hub wallet are indefinitely set to 20 CITY.

The p2b2b exchange is well regarded in the cryptocurrency space and City Coin will be paired with BTC, ETH, and USD on the platform.

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