Summer 2017 — Your Experiential Marketing Cheat Sheet

Jen here again! Let’s face it, 2017 has been a whirlwind. Now with music festival season right around the corner you’re bound to see the latest and greatest from the Experiential Marketing world — from augmented reality games to wearable tech and everything in between. No “fake news” here, my team has pulled together a cheat sheet to help you stay on top of all things “cool”. If you are going to a music festival this summer, you’ll find us! Just look for the Dark Horse Rosé lounge. — Love, Jen.

YOUR handy dandy cheat sheet:

Niche Expertise

Consumers have come to rely not just on curated content, but on who is curating and sharing this information. Consumers are looking for a person they trust and feel is an expert in the field. The more customized the better.

+ This will also include an increase in more localized, niche festivals/events where brands will be able to bring a very specific (and more effective) experience to a highly targeted audience.


Influencer marketing has become the norm for almost all marketing campaigns and will continue to be used in 2017. However, authenticity will be called into question. A-list celebrities are no longer required. At the end of the day people are more receptive to genuine, enthusiastic, trustworthy and geo-targeted influencers delivering custom/raw content that feels more like talking to a friend than a brand.

+ Utilize stories and live-video for short-format product demonstration videos or Q&A sessions.

What this means for experiential? Quality over Quantity

Wearable Tech

Wearable RFID (radio frequency identification) technology has already taken over music festivals allowing attendees to purchase, food, drinks merch and more with a tap.

Expect to see a whole new generation of wristbands such as the Accesso Prism take wearable tech at events to the next level. Features include virtual queueing, NFC payments, photo tagging and entry all while providing valuable data to brands.

Everyone’s a VIP.

Live Video

YouTube was built on a foundation of videos that capture real, unfiltered moments. Now almost all major social platforms are on-board, offering user content in real-time. Facebook Live has proven social videos have much more engagement than any other content format, and have been responsible for a majority of the platform’s growth. Even news sources are citing Facebook Live videos when covering major events. Expect to see your news feed across all platforms (Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.) flooded with live content this summer giving brands the chance to extend their reach far beyond physical attendees.


Beacons will make communicating with consumers easier than ever. By using apps and beacons (small wireless devices that use Bluetooth in mobile phones), individual rooms/activations have the opportunity to create custom messages from sponsors. Technology such as ConcertPass is connecting artists, venues, and brands to share custom information with attendees, before, during, and after events.