During Summer you must Know How to keep your Roof in Good Shape

Mark Sipla
Apr 4, 2018 · 3 min read

A synonym for home is “A roof over one’s head”. From the elements the essential task of shielding your family and your belongings is faithfully performed by your roof. By taking good care of your roof, return the favour. Its useful life must be extended by these simple tips.

Before potential problems are covered up by icy, and cold, snow, weather makes this is the season to take care of your Oklahoma roofing repair more dangerous and complicated along with say-goodbye-to-summer fun. To ensure your roof is in great shape here’s what you must know.

Maintain Your Roof

To accumulate on your roof don’t allow leaves or snow. Where it can do damage holding it against the roof leaves will trap moisture from rain and dew. Causing ice dams snow will refreeze and melt. In addition, as compared to your elderly roof was designed to handle the sheer weight of a winter’s worth of snow may be more.

They’re no less than 10 feet from your roof and trim any overhanging tree limbs. During a storm it also safeguards against branches scraping the roof this prevent leaves falling onto the house.

The growth of mold and moss exposing the roof to sunlight is deterred. Last but not least, by other animal pests and squirrels this measure blocks access to your roof.

To inspect or clean it, avoid walking on the roof. For both yourself and your roof this can be dangerous. To pull off fresh snow or fallen leaves use a dedicated non-metal roof rake standing solidly on the ground. To remove algae or moss build-up in summer spray with a garden hose.

When unleashed on your roof and home windows in OKC avoid pressure washing, has tremendous destructive potential; roofing tabs can be loosened by the powerful stream, the shingles’ self-adhesive is unglued, and the reflective granules is washed off.

Look out for Roofing’s Red Flags

For moisture to penetrate your roof as they are an open invitation missing, buckled, and loose shingles need to be taken care of ASAP. Instead of paying for a whole new roof you may need to replace only the affected shingles, if you tackle the problem early enough.

Obvious signs that your roof is in big trouble are light shining through, dripping water, peeling or damp patches on your attic ceiling. However, to watch out for those are not the only red flags. Excess moisture is getting into your house; most likely via the roof is denoted by exposed roof or beams, windows and doors that are suddenly hard to open. Another indication indicating call in a roofing contractor includes all of these symptoms.

Gutter Cleaning

Safely away from your home’s foundation important task of directing water onto the ground and off your roof is performed by the gutters. By summer’s end, may be full of pine needles, twigs, and abandoned bird’s nests, seedpods, they tend to collect all kinds of goodies. Unless it is cleared out, this debris will block water flow.

Use the trowel or brush to remove sludge after fishing large items out of the gutters by hand. A spritz with the hose is the last step of your gutter cleaning. Consider installation of gutter guards when autumn comes to protect against leaf clogs.

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