Arsenal: A team of Frauds

Arsene Wenger achieved a record breaking seventh FA cup as he impressively masterminded an Arsenal performance which saw his side defeat Premier League champions Chelsea at the home of football. The win meant Wenger surpassed George Ramsay’s previous record of six FA cup triumphs.

Arsenal fans this season have had very little to cheer about, Europa league football for the very first time in Arsene Wenger’s tenure after an extremely disappointing showing in the Premier League. Arsenal’s Champions league campaign provided no shocks after crashing out embarrassingly to Bayern Munich 10–2 on aggregate. But, this latest piece of silverware does not save Arsenal’s season, it is far from the ambition of the fans, and the ambition of Arsenal Football club overall.

Season after season of disappointment, but then the odd standout performance seems to be all it takes to win back Arsenal fans. Arsenal has become a team full of frauds. The cliché of ‘why didn’t the team perform like that for the whole season?’ is simply getting boring and more and more fans are starting to see this. Arsenal Fan TV has somewhat exploded this season, passionate fans more than ever seeking a change at the club, what started off as just a few rage infused rants, has escalated to numerous protests and banners clearly visible to Wenger and the owner Stan Kroenke.

Fans are starting to make themselves heard with Wenger stating in a recent interview that the criticism he has had is “a disgrace” and something “he will never forget”. But will anything actually change? Arsenal just won yet another FA cup, surely next season if they perform like they did against Chelsea every game then they are for sure going to win the league right?. No, there is something philosophically wrong at Arsenal football club which starts with the players, Wenger to his defence has taken a lot of the blame for Arsenal’s lack of competitiveness, but ultimately it is the players that win and lose games. The fans are the ones who suffer the most, let’s not forget the cost of supporting Arsenal, ludicrous ticket prices for seeing the same mediocre season year after year.

We are told that the probability of Arsene Wenger having a new two year deal on the table is very likely and it is just the case of whether Wenger chooses to sign it. Given his affiliation to Arsenal, Wenger will sign the new deal and once again lead his Arsenal side to another stagnant, unsuccessful two years.

Some of the performances this season from Arsenal have been simply inexcusable, defeats to Watford and Crystal Palace instantly jump to mind and the very first game of the season, home to Liverpool, unprepared and destined for this very season. Since Arsenal’s last title glory in the 2003/4 season, every year has been the same, the fans hope is renewed but consequently are let down by the master fraudsters themselves… Arsenal Football Club.