Most people I know love the farmers market. A farmer’s market is all about local growers and their fruit. That organic realm of imagery is ripe with possible carry-over to spiritual topics (see what I did there?) People make judgments about what kind of growing practices are more healthy and sustainable. What’s the best kind of spiritual growth? Can one be more shallow & unsustainable than another?

A cleaned-up, tidy religious life is attractive to some, but it’s not the “healthy growth” we see in the Bible. In fact, a tidied-up life is the superficial kind of change. The more legitimate change is found on a path where you get dirty and bruised as your unselfish character grows. You fight the fights that matter most and get in the ditch to walk alongside another broken soul. You deal with your own internal mess rather than just the stuff that everyone can see on the outside.

Read through the Psalms (150 in all) and you’ll see this playing out in the ancient worship book of the Christian Church. These treasured prayers can be downright raw!

And if you’re looking for a more fruitful spiritual path than the squeaky clean kind, join us on Sunday at City Life Church in Sacramento.

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