On what do you depend?

Coffee? Your parents? Your children? Your spouse?

I depend on my bike’s tire having air in it when I need to rush off to meet someone.

You might depend on predictable traffic patterns to get to work on time.

You might depend on certain things to always be there for you: your conveniently-located grocery store, the alarm to go off at 6:05am, someone’s voice on the other side of the line, or a paycheck to come on the same day each month.

We all know people who have depended on family to get through hard times. We also know people who, amidst life’s aggravations, have grown a dependency on an unhealthy habit, substance, or fix of some kind.

Faith is another word for dependence. It’s not just believing in a doctrine or reality, but faith involves leaning your life into those doctrines or realities, looking to them as, well, dependable. They provide life and stability.

And so it is with faith in God. God seeks to connect meaningfully with more and more of us. Yet, the connection is sustained only with those who can be dependent. Self-reliance, even for someone who believes in all the doctrines, is a faith killer.

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