Probably the most common reason people walk away from their faith is the trouble they experience from the actions of church-goers. Nietzsche said it well: “I will believe in the Redeemer when the Christian looks a little more redeemed.”

There are other common reasons, right? Like intellectual problems with specific beliefs. Like the existence of evil in a world supposedly upheld by God’s good hand. Unanswered prayers turn some people away. Others just lose interest. For some, it’s their first exposure to a more scientific view of religious studies that transforms their “foundation” into a “house of cards.”

What Christians don’t often remember is that Jesus didn’t freak out about people walking away from faith in him. One time, because he talked about his flesh as “bread” and his blood as “drink,” people left in search of more palatable guru. Jesus didn’t seem surprised, which makes me wonder if his “eat my flesh” comments have more to them than meets the eye.

Why do you think people have walked away from their faith?

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