“She’s hot with anger.”

“He’s gonna blow is top.”

“She looks like she’s going to explode.”

“He’s got such a short fuse.”

“She’s a ticking time bomb.”

“He’s about to pop his cork.”

We’ve got a whole host of expressions to artfully paint the picture of what’s really a weighty spiritual issue: our anger.

What made you angry this week?

It’s a surprise to me how tolerant I can be about my righteous anger. I didn’t always notice it, but over time, I’ve started to see that, in the end, my anger is more about me. The growth and change that my anger is most pointing to, unfortunately and to my consistent dismay, is my own. My own tolerance of being short-fused is a pretty glaring spiritual growth issue. I have to admit, it’s growth I haven’t taken on very willingly.

And so whether I’m holding it in or letting the molten lava blast and flow out to those around me, I’m on a journey that hopefully, over time, might lead to a fuse getting shorter. And that will only happen through regular exposure: looking at what’s actually going on underneath my anger: What do I feel entitled to? What expectation was I banking some hopes on? How am I basing my satisfaction on what’s going on in someone else’s life, or in what I do or don’t get to have?

In the Bible, anger is everywhere. And in churches it’s in every pew or chair or pulpit. It’s everywhere, and it’s ready to be explored.

Are you ready?

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