So many of us have fear operating under the surface, quietly guiding our behavior.

A woman has to be the life of the party out of fear of being insignificant.

A man blends in quietly, terrified of being rejected for not measuring up to social standards, horrified at the thought of a dozen eyes and ears zoomed in on his words.

Something happened in both of their stories somewhere along the line. As the world proved unsafe and unaccepting they packaged themselves with defense mechanisms to feel safe and protected. “Now I don’t have to feel those feelings anymore. I’m insulated. Secure… hopefully.”

In what way has rejection touched your life?

We tend to give an outsized importance to acceptance and rejection from the world around us.

Christians look at Jesus, and see a model of someone who put no importance in his own acceptance or rejection. He just put one foot in front of the other and was authentic to who he was. And the rejection he experienced was massive and crushing. And it didn’t matter.

Well, that’s not entirely true, it mattered for us. He experienced super-sized rejection, in our place.

The Christian can pray: “Loving God, I buy the lie that my worth is always undetermined and vulnerable to devaluation. But I am as valuable to you now as your only Son, whom you gave for me on the cross. The only way my status is revoked is when I stop living as if it were secure.”

Sunday is the start of Holy Week. The rejection-journey of Jesus. Want to come along for the ride — a ride that leads to your ultimate confidence in your acceptability? Let’s go!

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