What does God’s activity look like?

A voice from the clouds?

Lightening striking a corrupt politician?

A sudden concentration of meaningful coincidences in your life?

A nun caring for impoverished or diseased souls on their death bed?

Someone being healed of cancer?

A quiet, reserved introvert suddenly babbling in an unknown tongue while flailing around in a prayer meeting?

If the power had gone out 10 minutes into the second presidential debate of 2016?

What’s your answer?

Really, take a second to think about it.

This question challenges everyone, because it reveals any of our faulty assumptions.

After all, do you just go with your gut to say what God is doing? Who said we even get to have an opinion? God is God, after all. Maybe the nature of God’s activity is that it’s impossible to predict or pin down by our limited intellects.

Going back to your own answer, think about what you’ve decided an active God looks like. Is it in the loud or the whisper? Is it in the front page news or a small unrecorded conversation? Is it colorful or gray, impressive or overlooked, in the sacred or secular realm?

My opinion is that we should expect, whatever our starting point, to be surprised.

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