What unfair thing bothers you?

Humans are prone to being hypocritical when it comes to fairness. You know someone — an advocate — in the main office of a desirable school, and they pass your kid’s name on for priority treatment in placement. Seems harmless enough. Maybe you tell yourself: finally, I get a break. Maybe you think you deserve the preferential treatment. It’s such a relief to know your kid will get in the right school.

But turn the tables: if you don’t have the “in” with the front office. You find your child’s name languishing deep down on a waiting list, but then you hear from someone else who got the special, front-office-treatment. You are irate. It’s time for phone calls and talk of lawyers. “This is exactly what’s wrong with our education system,” you complain to your friends.

A fair world would be nice, but none of us seem to be 100% fair 100% of the time.

Thank God for a divine unfairness! Preferential, unfair treatment is God’s way of dealing with all of us. This is called grace. “The Gospel.” A God of mercy. This God, through Jesus, makes sure that any of us who turn towards his front office will find that we unexpectedly have an advocate amidst the higher-ups. This advocate-insider, Jesus, goes to bat for us, and argues our case to be moved to the front of the waiting list. We’re in! It’s so unfair!

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