What’s your tip for loving a jerk?

Do you even want to? Most people would say “no.” Jerks are the people we’re trying to avoid. Leave that jerk! Cleanse your life of toxic relationships!

I typed into Google, “how to love difficult people,” and the first 15 results were from Christian church websites. I’m proud of that. A lot of times Christians get thrown under the bus, and sometimes rightfully so. Churches can seem to be filled with jerks. To you, maybe they haven’t seemed like the good guys, but rather, the problem.

But amidst these Jesus-focused collections of imperfect people (did I just create a new definition for “church?”), emerges the rare idea that rather than discarding the difficult people, perhaps we’re supposed to try to find a way to love them.

I wonder if you’re willing to stop and consider the fact that, at some point, you will play the role of the jerk. Then you’ll see who sticks around and still tries to love you.