Why do you think we hide?

My kids love playing hide and seek.

I have 4 kids, so I’ve seen them all go through the first stage of this game — the pre-school stage. That’s when they don’t know how to play it. They tell you where to hide, They tell you where they are hiding. They don’t count long enough. They don’t close their eyes. And they have absolutely no fun if you try to enforce any of those basic parameters for how the game actually works.

We don’t stop loving the hiding game as we grow up. We hide behind our sugar-coated life updates. We hide behind our deep thoughts or filtered pictures on social media. We hide behind quietness. We hide behind our false selves. We hide our feelings from the ones we live with. We hide from the truth because we don’t want to deal with it.

I’ve known of people who have buried huge parts of themselves for over a decade for fear of “blowing up” the relative normalcy of their family life or their marriage.

The Chrisitan faith offers something on this universal trend of humanity hiding. Uniquely, the Bible is the only religion that takes the burden off our shoulders to find God ourselves, make ourselves acceptable, or drum up the courage for a meaningful divine-human encounter. The God of the Christian is the one who pursues us, even as we hide.

Christians also have a unique faith in that it’s willing to tell us something religious people really don’t want to hear: it’s really easy to hide from God through your religion.

But whether your way of hiding feels more secular, or you do it in the church, you can count on one thing: eventually, whether you want to listen or not, a wonderfully gracious being is calling out your name and tracking you down.

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