Dev Diary #1

City Ngadi hopes to address the growing demand for food and water in increasingly densifying/urbanizing areas.To provide those looking to become more self-reliant with personalized, well-crafted guides and informational resources to plan, build and execute a successful urban farm.

Now that we’ve established a draft for a mission statement, we can begin cultivating…

The first aspect to tackle is getting a grasp of what urban farming is and how we’ll be able to succinctly provide this dense and diverse information to first time growers. The research: Straight off the bat whilst researching urban farming you’re bombarded with a torrent of information on various forms of urban farming: Community gardens, institutional farms, Hydroponic Gardening, vertical, containers and so many more combinations being developed globally everyday. Establishing what type of urban agriculture to focus on will be to our best benefit. We would have to keep in mind the South African context. The economics, the climate, demand, access to resources and development of technology. There’s still a lot more information to be sifted through and narrow down to what we essentially need.

Another key point in research is finding other digital platforms who’ve tried curating the same experience we aim to achieve. So far we’ve done minimal research in this section but from what we’ve seen many of the sites are static and dismal in their visual appeal. None of the sites cater to making the viewer interested and engaged in starting their own urban farm. They follow the same boring traditional view of what a website should be.

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