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Afternoon walk, Enskede 15 May 2020

Dear readers —

Many thanks for subscribing to the Slowdown Papers. A few days ago I published a third batch of Papers, numbers 1941.

This third set was written over the last few months, starting in the long Swedish summer holiday through July. I then took a couple of months of refining, editing, organising and researching, knocking them into some sort of shape. As I note in the first paper, which reflects a little on the writing itself, at least some of this set is partly built out of the many essays and articles I’ve written elsewhere during this time, as well as the many speeches I’ve given (and thanks to all of you who asked me to write and speak—such things also force me to organise my thoughts. …


Dan Hill

Designer, urbanist, etc. Director of Strategic Design at Vinnova, Swedish govt’s innovation agency. Visiting prof UCL Bartlett IIPP + Design Academy Eindhoven

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