Weekly Report #12–2017.09.26

City of Zion (CoZ) is a global community of open source enthusiasts, with the shared goal of helping NEO achieve its full potential. CoZ primarily operates through the community Slack and CoZ Github, central places where the community shares knowledge and contributes to projects.

CoZ is neither a corporation, nor a consulting firm or a devshop / for-hire group.


There is no formal process in joining CoZ. Interested individuals will have to do the work first, and the submitted code has to be licensed under the MIT License. Consistent contributors will become eligible to join the CoZ organization, and begin collaborating on projects. The governance process of this organization can be found here.


Since its inception, the CoZ Council has been in close contact with the NEO Council. The NEO Council provides support to the community, in the form of NEO rewards, which CoZ redistributes weekly.

For individuals who are interested in financially supporting CoZ development, our donation address is AXSoNQEKjmqPBNPg5cNrHyWivfjok3Vj9D.

For transparency, CoZ Council members are excluded from weekly NEO rewards, and any CoZ competitions. This week, 484 NEO were awarded for the following contributions to the NEO ecosystem.

Week in Review

This week, CoZ Council began drafting and consolidation of long-term milestones. We invite the open source programming community to join us on this journey, in bringing NEO to greater heights. (NEO Slack Invite)

In the month of September, NEO Council added two new full-time contributors, Malcolm and Celia.


As of this Monday, September 25, we are pleased to announce that Michael de Wal (@totalvamp on Slack) has officially begun full-time commitment to the NEO ecosystem. His contributions will include development work within CoZ, and his soon-to-be established company, in Japan. This company aims to support the launch of utility tokens, and distributed applications on the NEO network.

Michael is a seasoned developer, with over 10 years of programming experience. He is the principal author of many high profile CoZ projects such as the iOS and Android wallets. Michael can be contacted at michael@cityofzion.io


dApp Competition:

Registration is now open! We hope that the launch of this NEO dApp competition will spark further learning, and sharing of insights on the #develop channel (NEO Slack).

Stack Exchange:

We need experienced Stack Exchange users (with more than 200 reputation) that want to be active in our community, to commit to the proposal. You can do so here.

Development Updates

Integration Testing

  • Create a framework for automated and integrated testing of Neo Core Nodes

Neo Javascript (neo-js):

  • getAssetBalance functional in full node mode for all asset types, on both testnet and mainnet
  • Improved documentation
  • On Deck: Dynamic seed registration, lazy balance and contract caching

Neo Python (neo-python):

  • Continued development of python smart contract compiler
  • Added implementation of lists, loops (while, for x in y), method calls, file imports
  • Deployed first python compiled Smart Contract on testnet (Fibonacci)
  • Beginning to add Smart Contract specific api calls (for example Storage.Get, etc)

ICO Slack Helper (slack-management-platform):

  • Extra functionalities
  • Research into new ways to ban users

Blockchain Explorer (neo-scan):

  • New API call to calculate total fees within a certain block height range

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