Weekly Report #5 – 2017.08.07

City of Zion (CoZ) is a global community of open source enthusiasts, with the shared goal of helping NEO achieve its full potential. CoZ primarily operates through the community Slack and CoZ Github, central places where the community shares knowledge and contributes to projects.

CoZ is neither a corporation, nor a consulting firm or a devshop / for-hire group.

There is no formal process in joining CoZ. Interested individuals will have to do the work first, where the submitted code will have to be licensed under the MIT License. Consistent contributors will become eligible to join the CoZ organization, and begin collaborating on projects. The governance process of this organization can be found here.

Since its inception, CoZ has been in close contact with the NEO Core Team. The NEO Core Team provides support to the community in the form of NEO rewards, which CoZ redistributes weekly. This week, 951 NEO were awarded for following contributions to the NEO ecosystem:


We need experienced Stack Exchange users (with more than 200 reputation) that want to be active in our community, to commit to the proposal. You can do so here.


Neon Wallet Release 0.0.3c

*Release announcements will be done separately by project owners.

Opportunities for collaboration (projects in initial stage):

Neo Python (Python p2p node/SDK) has seen intensive development, where it has already begun syncing blocks:

  • Reworked networking for nodes to use Twisted framework for p2p connections
  • Serialization / Deserialization of all transaction types and sub-data structures, as well as, Smart Contract objects
  • Persist block headers, and full block objects in LevelDB key-value store
  • Added Travis CI as well as Coverage. 51% testing coverage

Virtual Machine and Smart Contract Developments:

  1. Template for ERC20/223 Token (‘Deploy’, ‘BalanceOf’, ‘TotalSupply’, and ‘Transfer’ Events Verified)
  2. Development GUI now supports Runtime Logging and Return of SC Invokes
  3. Neo.Ecosystem & Neo.Sandbox development environments released


Development of CoZ’s Neo Portal, a place where we will organize community contributions.

Documentation (More details here):

  1. Porting of rebranded documentation (mainly EN-US), with the help of the community
  2. Dutch White Paper 2.0 Translation
  3. Japanese translation of NeoContract White Paper, and additional documentation
  4. Korean translation of NeoContract White Paper

Core Development:

  1. Neon Wallet — One button Gas claim + ability to see unspent GAS
  2. Neon Wallet REST API support for multi-party claims
  3. NeoScan.io — Block Explorer has seen continued work and is approaching mass availability
  4. Neo Unit Tests — Testing of the core Neo project continues steadily

Up Next:

Smart contract, python client and blockchain explorer, are very close to being released for public testing.

Do subscribe to the CoZ medium publication, and stay tuned for next week’s report!

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