Weekly Report #6 — 2017.08.15

City of Zion (CoZ) is a global community of open source enthusiasts, with the shared goal of helping NEO achieve its full potential. CoZ primarily operates through the community Slack and CoZ Github, central places where the community shares knowledge and contributes to projects.

CoZ is neither a corporation, nor a consulting firm or a devshop / for-hire group.

There is no formal process in joining CoZ. Interested individuals will have to do the work first, where the submitted code will have to be licensed under the MIT License. Consistent contributors will become eligible to join the CoZ organization, and begin collaborating on projects. The governance process of this organization can be found here.

Since its inception, CoZ has been in close contact with the NEO Core Team. The NEO Core Team provides support to the community in the form of NEO rewards, which CoZ redistributes weekly. Over the past 6 weeks, CoZ has rewarded dozens of developers who have contributed to the NEO ecosystem, rewards totalling 7149 NEO.

This week, 336 NEO were awarded for the following contributions to the NEO ecosystem:


From this week onwards, only community projects will be on our Github. There will no longer be forks in CoZ repository, and we asked that contributors from the community, to commit directly to NEO’s official repository. All CoZ council members, and some key community members are now collaborators in the NEO official repository, where they will be helping to review and add new code.

Core (neo-project/neo):

  • New organization for making core code modular as NuGet packages
  • Initial NEP5 example implementation (this is a token standard equivalent to ERC20)
  • Initial NEP2 implementation (standard to safely hold keys in storage and memory)

Slack Bot (neo slack bot):

  • Price functionality by command
  • Price updates in #market every 3 minutes
  • Fixed some bugs which caused the bot to crash in rare occasions
  • Some minor improvements
  • #announcements channel bot to keep it clean

Discord bot (neo discord bot):

  • Refactored skills
  • Added optional mongoDB
  • PR reviewing
  • Preparing for installation on another Discord

Admin Panel (neo admin panel):

  • Deployed to Heroku and official domain
  • Added option for more than 1 wallet
  • Fixed some bugs regarding invites
  • Added market prices and wallet amounts
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Neon Wallet (neon wallet):

  • Refactor neon-js library as import
  • New organization around redux modules
  • New tests
  • Website setup at neonwallet.com
  • CircleCI integration

Neon Wallet API (neon wallet db):

  • Debug issue where official Neo client sends multiple vouts of one asset to a single address (affects gas claiming)
  • Debug load issue with indexing

Up Next:

An in-depth Q&A session for CoZ council members and NEO Core Team had to be pushed back to next week’s report, due to unfortunate network problems.

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