Water crisis deepens in Sushant Lok I

For certain pockets of Sushant Lok I, particularly Block C, it’s been a nightmare for the last three days with constant water shortage.

One of the reasons, residents claim, for this situation is erratic power supply

“Power goes off at peak hours when it’s also the time for water supply. Hence, we are unable to fill our tanks as motors can’t operate,” complained Vanita Pasricha, a resident. Gurgaon News

Arun Kumar Sharma, another resident, added, “Firstly, Sushant Lok gets inadequate water supply from HUDA, and there’s the issue of improper valve adjustments by Ansal API service providers.”

He continued, “There are some houses which are getting water for more than two hours every day, and yet others that don’t have supply for even five minutes! We had to shell out between Rs 800–1,100 to water tankers four times in the last one month.”

The maintenance agency, Profac, claims that 70 per cent of the colony expenditure is on water, including boosting motors, pumps and underground tanks.

Speaking to City Spidey, Ravi Saini, vice-president, facilities and operations, said, “Of our water supply, 60 per cent comes from the MCG and 40 per cent from old borewells. But only half the borewells are operational. Moreover, the new MCG water lines have broken down 10 times in the last two months!”

There’s another aspect to the crisis — unpaid maintenance bills by residents.

Speaking on the matter, Sudhir Sachdeva, founder of Sachdeva Foundation, and an active resident, said, “Water services in Sushant Lok I have been disrupted, especially in Block C, because residents have been defaulting on their maintenance bills.”

He continues, “The situation has been exacerbated by the fact MCG was supposed to take over the area in Feb 2016, but it hasn’t done so, saying that bills need to be paid first. Residents, on the other hand, argue if the MCG has taken over why should they continue paying builder? There’s a lot of confusion over the takeover, which has not happened so far.”

He added, “The economically weaker sections (EWS) plots are now being used as PGs and guest houses, mounting more pressure on the already scanty supply. When Ansal API took water connection in 1982, they did not foresee the colony expanding so much.”

But who’s to handle the crisis — the MCG or the developer? Residents need answers, now!