4 Myths to Avoid When Washing Your New Subaru Liberty

Many of us consider washing our cars to be a chore, but it should be considered preserving our investment. Unfortunately, there are a number of myths around the right and wrong ways to wash your car and avoid damage. Here we will cover four myths to avoid when you wash your new Liberty to ensure you maintain maximum resale value.

Use a Terry Cloth Nappy:

There is a widely propagated myth that using an old terry cloth is the best thing for washing your car. While this type of material is nice and soft on baby’s bottoms, it can pick up and hold grit when washing your new Subaru Liberty. This means that grit will be moved around on the paintwork and can cause scratches as you rub. If you want the best finish, you should use a microfibre cloth. This is still soft and easy to use, but the smaller fibres will prevent grit from being trapped.

You Can Use Dishwashing Detergent:

We’ve all been there; you decide on the spur of the moment to wash your car and just reach under the sink for a bit of dishwashing detergent. After all, where’s the harm? Detergent is just detergent isn’t it? This couldn’t be more wrong. Just like you wouldn’t use dishwasher detergent to wash your hair, it is not suitable for washing your car. Dishwasher detergents are designed to strip grime and grease from crockery, and this can strip the protective coatings from your paintwork. This will not only cause damage to the paintwork, but it can speed up deterioration.

Waxing Will Remove Paint Swirl Marks:

Whether it is sun damage or other marks on the paintwork, no matter how hard you wax, it will not remove them. In fact, if you are very effective in your wax buffing, you may find that it accentuates any flaws in the paintwork. If you have swirl marks, you should investigate the methods to counteract this rather than just relying on waxing.

Your Car Should Air Dry:

On a hot sunny day, it is easy to think that air drying is the best method, especially if you want to get indoors with a cool drink. However, this is the best way to get water spots on your paintwork. It only takes a couple of minutes to wipe the paintwork down with a chamois, but it will leave your Liberty spot free.

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