New Concept Should Encourage Us to Buy Subaru BRZ Models

The new concept of the BRZ STi Sport already has Subaru enthusiasts salivating. This stylised concept for the two door coupe certainly has sports appeal and is sure to encourage more buyers towards the Japanese brand.

What We Know So Far:

Subaru has been quite reluctant to release an abundance of information about the new Subaru BRZ concept. The information so far released has been limited and offers rather cryptic details about what this concept brings to the table. The press information states that the STi Sport will offer STi tunings to the driving performance with “exclusive” and “high quality feel” exterior and interior touches.

This new BRZ version is set to debut in early 2017 at the Tokyo Auto Salon. It is anticipated to be equipped with an enhanced braking system, and new tunings to the steering and suspension. Unlike the previous BRZ concept, this new variant has a more subtle body kit, which includes new side skirts and a slimline lip on the lower front. Of course, there are also STi badges adorning the bodywork and cabin to complement the new dark red trim.

The Impact on the Marketplace:

The new BRZ STi Sport will soon be joined by an STi Sport variant of the Subaru Levorg, which added firmer springs, tweaked steering and adjustable Bilstein dampers, and an STi Sport Variant of the WRX S4. It is thought that the WRX will benefit from the same changes to create that distinct STi performance and aesthetic.

There is speculation that Subaru may feature an STi Sport variant for all models in the range. This type of STi Package could satisfy buyers who want the additional sporty styling without needing to move away from the Subaru brand. As yet, Subaru has yet to confirm any such intentions. Currently only the BRZ, Levorg and WRX S4 have been listed as receiving the STi Sport treatment, but who knows? If the sportier models garner a great deal of demand and attention, Subaru is likely to give the matter some serious consideration. It seems likely that we will need to wait until after the BRZ STi Sport launch for further confirmation of Subaru’s plans.

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