$53,288 airdropped to CITY Holders!

The City Alpha trade desk was established one year ago as a means to identify and thank the early adopters of Cityuptake. What a year it has been!

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Chart of Monthly Airdrops

Initially funded with $100,000, the desk has grown to over $134,000 in the past year generating over $53,000 dollars for the holders of this token for early adopters. …

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As a service to our holders, we are publishing the wallet info for stakes that are currently unverified via KYC and are not being rewarded. We encourage the owners of these wallets to take one of the following actions:

  1. Redeem your Cityuptake for the guaranteed 1:1 value with TRX. Please send your CITYUPTAKE to the following TRON address to redeem: TH1wA1SBAiBEZsutDEeSbQi8wDMkULWYgj. …

From the desk of Jason Lavender

These last couple of months CITYUPTAKE has progressed through many of its goals for 2019. Getting to this point has been a pain for all holders, but I want to say thank you for all your patience. I am very excited about 2020.

For those that are thinking about CITYUPTAKE, let me frame what we’re about. First, let me say that CITYUPTAKE is not an investment company.

When you purchase CITYUPTAKE, you are purchasing a token pegged to TRX. …



The CITYUPTAKE token is a utility token that provides access to the goods, services, and content of the Company. Rewards are not guaranteed.

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