10 Horror Movies You Shouldn’t Watch After Midnight

Your fear gives them power

Hello again fellow Ringers! Today I will change the topic a little bit and I will move from action to horror. Horror stories and paranormal activities are another passion of mine, so today I will give you my “Top 10 Horror Movies You Shouldn’t Watch After Midnight”.

I will be careful not to give any spoilers because I care about your curiosity. Without further adieu, let’s go and discover what’s on “the other side”!

10. Drag Me to Hell

Taking the 10th spot on the list is no other than Sam Raimi’s 2009 horror movie Drag Me to Hell. This is the story of a pretty normal woman who just happens to be a loan officer (not the most popular kind of human). Against her own conscience, she caves to pressure from her boss and declines a loan to a poor old lady… who just happens to be a gypsy. Being a gypsy, of course the old lady curses her to hell, forcing her to battle with powerful demons and fight for her soul. Does she succeed in saving her soul? It’s up to you to discover.

9. The Ring

The next entry has already become a classic for all horror stories lovers. “The Ring” tells the story of a cursed videotape that kills anyone who watches it after a week. The story gets interesting when a journalist begins to investigate the case of the videotape to save her son who accidentally watched it.

There are many questions and little time for answers so join the investigation and find out what happens. And a short tip: don’t answer any calls after you watch this movie, you will see why.

8. The Grudge

Now we continue our journey and we arrive in Tokyo. Here we embark on the story of an American nurse who is exposed to a mysterious curse that threatens her life. This Japanese story is far from the usual ghost story.

Do you dare to dig into one of the saddest events that has ever happend in Japan? If yes, prepare for some nights without sleep because the Japanese curses are not easy to deal with.

7. The Haunting in Connecticut

We are back in the beautiful land of America. We find ourselves in Connecticut along with the Campbell family. After they move to an amazing, new house they begin to experience a lot of paranormal activity. They soon discover the dark history of their home and try to find a solution for these “normal” problems that every American has. I hope this movie doesn’t put you off Connecticut forever, it’s really nice and only small parts of it are haunted.

6. Evil dead

After we’ve traveled for so long, I think we deserve a little bit of relaxation. Let’s go to a cabin in woods where we will forget about our stress and problems. A group of friends have the same idea but they also have the bad luck to find a Book of Dead in their cabin and out of pure curiosity they unleashed the demons that were locked in the nearby woods.

Now they have to fight for their lives with forces they can’t understand. Are you ready to join the fight?

5. Friday 13th

We are half way of the journey and we arrive at Camp Crystal Lake. Here we find a very sad story from the 1980s about a child named Jason Voorhees who drowned in a lake. But, the story doesn’t end here because Jason is back and he’s not a kid anymore.

Jason haunts and kills everybody in his way. Shall we help our friends to stop the Crystal Lake monster?

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Moving on to our next adventure, we discover another classic horror movie story. If you are tired and want some sleep let me warn you that your dreams are not a safe place. The reason for this danger is the person called Freddy Kruger. He haunts his victims in their dreams and he plays with them untill they are exhausted and easy to kill.

If you think that you control your dreams, Freddy disagrees. “Sweet dreams” everybody!

3. “The Conjuring” franchise

Now it’s time to meet Ed and Lorraine Warren, famous paranormal investigators. They will take us through two of the most frightening cases that they ever had. The first movie takes place in a an old farm house in Rhode Island when they discover that the Perron family, who’ve just moved into the house have stepped onto satanic ground and devils are now following them wherever they go.

The Warrens must use all of their skills to help this family. The other story is known as “the most real paranormal story in history” and it takes place in London, England. Here Ed and Lorraine try to help a single mother called Peggy Hodgson and her kids, but they find themselves targeted by Valak, one of the most evil demons known. Will they defeat the demon or will they even survive? We shall see!

2. “The Woman in Black” franchise

We are still in England, but this time we travel to the village of Cryphin Gifford with Arthur Kipps. Arthur must examine the documentation of the Eel Marsh House, but he discovers more than just papers and dust. There he finds an evil spirit that, when seen by a human, will kill a child from the nearby village. Now Arthur must find a way to stop this demon and save the children.

Arthur feels responsible for the children’s deaths as it was his contact with the spirit that triggered its wrath. Let’s help him, shall we?

1.“Insidious” franchise

Taking the first place of my top 10 is the one and only “Insidious” franchise. This trilogy marks our journey’s end with three horror stories following Elise Rainer who uses her gift to fight evil spirits and help people. She and her team find themselves in dangerous situations fighting with supernatural forces. The stories behind the events are both interesting and terrifying and they will leave you breathless.

These three movies deserve multiple marathons because you will never get bored of the stories and you will be scared every single time. Do you have the courage to fight some of the most dangerous demons alongside Elise Rainer? We shall see.

Honorable mentions:

  • “Sinister” franchise
  • “Scream” franchise
  • “The Shining”

This, my friends, was my “10 Horror Movies You Shouldn’t Watch After Midnight”. I hope you enjoyed it and keep in mind that this is my personal opinion so if you have different thoughts about some horror movies please don’t hate me.