Could Social Recruiting Network be Replaced?

We are getting close to the future of full grasp of talent acquisition and engagement. Business Insider intelligence says messaging apps now surpass social networks based on number of monthly active users.

I believe if we have enough talent pool who are always looking towards joining the brand, there won’t be any famine of talent. Human Resource must work hand in hand not just the talent acquisition or recruitment , to ensure constant grasp and engagement of all the talents we have.

The use of messaging apps such as WhatsApp which boasts of 800 million users and Facebook Messenger which boasts of 900 million users which is 3X the users on twitter, could be an enormous/massive reservoir to tap into this resources to hunt talents massively.

I have several people who are using the groups created in this messaging app, to engaging themselves and sharing of information.

If the companies can begin to shift their focus from social networks and to this prompt messaging apps, which require conscious effort, can help us to engage and recruit our future talents.

In the years ahead I see corporate having a central wide dash board specially made in form of messaging app to engage talent for future recruiting, a platform where every manager, employee and C-suite will monitor for future talent recruiting . A time will come when Social Network will not be much valued anymore, but only this growing messaging apps will take over to engage and recruit talents.

My take is we need corporate to partner with messaging apps and shape out a way to engage talents and candidates in the future, now this is even cheaper, now that whatsApp has dropped it’s annual $1 subscription fee.