Republicans, You Have No One to Blame But Yourselves
Matt Higginson

Funny! While reading the first paragraph I was thinking, “wow is this about Hillary and Bernie?”!

If you think that Graham has ANY impact on this election then you have another thing coming. If you want to blame the rise of these republican candidates then look no further that their own party. This entire election has been about one thing and one thing only — giving the middle finger to the GOP establishment. There has never been a more diverse set of presidential candidates presented by either side of the aisle than there is in the republican candidates this election. The media and the left lambasted the GOP in 2008 and 2012 for running the stereotypical old rich white candidate, yet here we are looking at the 2016 democrat candidates and they are old rich white people!

I can’t stand Trump, but at least I can say this. Without him, you would be looking a another Bush front runner. And the left knows how to beat Bush. I sincerely believe that is why the left is at such odds with Trump. They have no idea how to beat him. He has more dirt in the Clintons than anyone and he knows how to play dirty.