Urban Planning Blogs: 36 Blogs to Add to Your List

Imagine you were compiling a course curriculum for a class on urban planning. What would be your go-to resources?

In digging through my bookmark and starred articled, I noticed a growing list of awesome urban planning blogs from Canada, the US and abroad. I started to assemble a list of blogs. That said, I knew that there were many more blogs on the topic out there that I didn’t know about. So to complement my list, I asked for help for help on some of my favourite LinkedIn groups including the American Planning Association Planning, the Canadian Institute of Planners and Planetizen.

Thanks to everyone who shared with me their go-to resources. I would love to share with you what I’ve gathered so far, and it’d be awesome if you’d consider adding any personal favourites in the comments or on Twitter @simolapointe.

Here’s what I’ve gathered so far in alphabetical order:

100 Resilient Cities (LINK)

Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation (100RC), 100 Resilient Cities is dedicated to helping cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century.

African Urbanism (LINK)

Better Cities (LINK)

City Lab (LINK)

City Lab is a blog that touches on commute, housing, politics, design and tech. Great read and a personal favourite of mine due to the quality and breath of the articles.

Christopher Andrews (LINK)

Christopher Andrews blogs about urban planning, development and urban issues in Houston and abroad.

City Centric Charlotte (LINK)

Scott Adams is an urban planner who’s interested in transportation planning, urban design, and sustainable communities.

City Observatory (LINK)

This is a blog on smart growth, New Urbanism, or placemaking.

Civic Blogger (LINK)

Rob Voigt blogs on planning, engagement, design, and municipal organizational development.

Daniel Hayhertz (LINK)

Engaging Cities (LINK)

Perspectives on engaging community planning.

Governing Magazine (LINK)

Provides news, analysis and resources for state and local government leaders. Topics include infrastructure, management, politics, public safety, urban, data and more.

Grist (LINK)

Frances Bula (LINK)

Frances Bula writes about the state of Vancouver on city life and politics.

Julies Birch (LINK)

Julie Birch’s blog cover various topics including politics, social policy and housing.

Living Cities (LINK)

Living Cities is a blog about cities to develop and scale new approaches to dramatically improve the economic well-being of low-income people. Another personal favourite.

Michael Geller’s (LINK)

New Geography (LINK)

A joint venture of Joel Kotkin and Praxis Strategy Group. NewGeography is a site devoted to analyzing and discussing the places where we live and work.

Next City (LINK)

Next City is a well know blog. It covers topics such as tech, culture, economic, infrastructure, and politics.

Notes From The Underground (LINK)

Place Makers (LINK)

Place Makers’ blog is another personal favourite. This is great Canadian urban planning and design blog that covers issues around placemaking, community development, public engagement and more. I really enjoy this blog and find that I pretty much always relate with the issues and topics covered.

Popup City (LINK)

Popup Ciy is a blog that explores the latest designs, trends and ideas that shape the city of the future.

Planitzen (LINK)

Planetizen is a popular blog touching on public-interest information exchange for the urban planning, design, and development community.

Pricetags (LINK)

Pricetags provides insightful perspective from Vancouver. Gordon Price is the Director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University.

Project For Public Space (LINK)

Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a nonprofit planning, design and educational organization dedicated to helping people create and sustain public spaces that build stronger communities. This blog is full of must-read articles.

Streets Blog a blog created to make high impact media that strengthens the movement for safer streets and sustainable transportation.

Strong Towns (LINK)

Sustainable Cities Collective (LINK)

This is an aggregator of several blogs. It provides editorially an independent and moderated community for leaders of major metropolitan areas, urban planning and sustainability professionals.

The City Fix (LINK)

The City Fix is a blog that covers news, ideas, events and policies that help advance sustainable urban mobility and planning, with a strong focus on scalable and replicable solutions for cities in the developing world.

The Corner Side Yard (LINK)

This is Pete Saunders’ blog. Pete is an urban planner based in Chicago.

The Guardian Cities (LINK)

The Guardian Cities blog offers ideas and debates about the future of cities across the world.

This Big City (LINK)

This Big City blog is an award winning online publication sharing ideas and encouraging discussion about sustainable cities since 2009.

The Online Public Engagement Emporium (LINK)

The Urban Strategist (LINK)

Andre Darmanin’s blog and reflections on professional urban planning.

Tumml (LINK)

If you like urban innovations and urban technology then this blog is for you. One of my go-to resources on civic tech and civic innovations.

Urbanful (LINK)

Uranful is a blog on tech, transport, eco-city urban economics and more. It is part magazine, part marketplace, about the people, organizations, and businesses making our communities great.

Wise Economy (LINK)

Wise Economy’s blog is a great resource for local governments and community organizations looking to make better decisions about their future.

Over to you

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic and know which blog you like to read and why. Share any blogs here in the comments or on Twitter @simolapointe.

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