5 reasons why Kids should be playing Civic Sense Game: Learning App

We understand your worry. There’s plenty of apps out there. Specially games. Why should one download another game? That too with plenty of apps dedicated for kids, why is this on so different from the others? We tell you exactly why!

So why should your kids be playing Civic Sense Game: Learning App? Here are a few reasons why….

  1. Its educational. Games for kids are at their best when they’re teaching them about something, but the child doesn’t realize it. Instead of forcing facts down their throats, the game softly approaches education, by making kids be aware of what waste management is and how waste segregation at source helps. Different environments in the game helps kids understand what wastes are found and how to dispose them into the right bins.
  2. Improved critical thinking skills and creativity. Kids are inspired and empowered to be themselves or whatever their imaginations conjure — all through the power of play. Kids can be loud and move wildly. They can be KIDS! Since kids love to understand in their own way, the game improves thinking skills and brings their creativity into play when kids try to escape characters or use power ups in the game to complete each environment like School, Amusement Parks among a few.
  3. The thrill of discovery. In high-quality digital games, kids aren’t focused on reaching a goal imposed by others. Instead, this game allows kids to experience what it’s like to explore new environments and delight in the discovery of new objects. Kids are motivated by their own curiosity; any goals are ones they set for themselves.
  4. Respect for nature. Spending time playing the game, kids will connect with nature in a personal way. They’ll see the impact of littering and understand see how one person can influence the environment — positively or negatively. Once they love nature, they’ll want to protect it, too.
  5. The memories. If there’s one thing for certain your kid will do playing Civic Sense Game: Learning App, it’s make some wonderful memories. There’s even the opportunity to take use such memories learnt via the game into their real lives by segregating waste in the right manner at source.
Civic Sense Game: Learning App

Young, old — it doesn’t matter. We all like to feel empowered and love to explore and discover new things. As adults, we expect to be able to experience these things on our terms. Civic Sense Game: Learning App lets kids decide how they want to see the world. A new, clean planet they would love to be part of.

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