Civic Sense Game: Celebrating our first blog with you

I remember Friday the 6th of May 2016 distinctly! The early spring season is very active and hot in the Indian subcontinent but it wasn’t one of those days.

As usual, I sipped my early morning tea reading a particular article on the importance of Waste Segregation, its relevance to the world we live in and how we all can contribute and be part of the cause. And to nobody’s surprise, my interest in this topic grew all the more.

That go me pumping and I dug deep to understand what’s happening around us. The more I read, the more I understood and agreed with Antonis Mavropoulos, Founder and CEO of D-Waste, who once said “It’s about People, not Waste”.

I approached my local municipal cooperation speaking about the importance of Waste Segregation and how it could be implemented at its source. I further suggested a proposition of placing 3 bins at every street corner where each bin would signify its purpose and educate people on how to use them.

To my surprise, I was informed that the idea was considered but shelved the previous month. The main reason being the lack of knowledge and not knowing which kind of waste would go into which bin.

Thus, the idea was born! Educating people on how to segregate waste was the need of the hour.

This is when it struck me that awareness is the key to achieve success in this game-changing idea. From tiny tots to grown-ups everyone has a role to play. Change will be evident from the grassroots level. Wait did I just say the word game? A glimpse.

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