Civic Sense Game: The Game-Play

An idea to change perspectives

Waste Segregation is an important civic issue that needs our attention immediately for a more healthier and cleaner environment. And to achieve this, awareness is the key. Hence change is required from the grassroots level!
A game for Android and iOS with a purpose!

Also, something special for World Environment Day!

Game Description

The game is set on a beautiful landscape which dwells through a spring-like temperament .The lush coconut trees bring color to the backdrop and sway as the music plays. A dancing monkey, who holds a coconut, welcomes you to the game.

Game commences as these notorious monkeys keep dispatching waste items like plastic wastes, paper wastes and even food wastes through conveyor belts. The player needs to segregate the waste by swiping different waste items onto their corresponding conveyor belts thus ensuring the each waste ends up in their designated bins.

These conveyor belts have plenty of surprises for you. So be warned!

The game continues to dispose wastes into their right bins. Further as each bin’s health progresses it enables the players to reach high scores and attain maximum stars. The game showcases a feature which enables the player to view details of the game played, and also lists the waste items that weren't disposed correctly providing an opportunity to learn as the game progresses.

Waste items also can be combined to gain multiple points and higher scores.
In order to make the game more challenging we have features such as brick walls, bubbles, monsters and bombs which make the game highly anticipating.
You can also use powers such as Slow mo, Thunderbolt, Magnet and Heal which assist you throughout the game.

There’s also a store to help you buy powers using coconuts (the game currency), in turn you can buy coconuts from the app stores as well using in-app purchases.

The game has 3 different modes:

  1. Arcade Mode: A series of multiple levels in each environment with many new challenges. Keep winning each level with maximum scores and move to the next environment where more challenges awaits you!
  2. Endless Mode: Score as high as you can by playing with full health bar for all the bins. The environment changes periodically to make the game more interesting and the game becomes more challenging over a period of time once you keep playing the game!
  3. Timer Mode: The Timer mode starts with 100 seconds on the timer, right item to the correct bin increases time by few seconds and wrong items reduces time in the timer. You will lose the game when you run out of time. You can score as high as you keep on playing with sufficient time on the timer. Wisely use Time Power under powers to add some amount of time to your timer.

Connect with your Facebook account and invite your friends to play this game. You can ask for lives from your Facebook friends to continue your game if you have no more life to play. Also, you can boost up your energy by buying coconuts in our store and enjoy playing your game without any interruption.


  1. Free to download and play iOS and android mobile game
  2. Game brings in creativity and educational play for kids
  3. Brain driven, pretentious play
  4. Game is family friendly
  5. Fun filled and challenging game-play
  6. Different modes of game-play: Arcade, Endless and Timer
  7. Segregation of waste into plastic bin, paper bin and food bin
  8. Multiple game environments like home, amusement park, school, hospital among a few
  9. Connect with Facebook and compete with friends and get featured in high scores
  10. Every level has a new set of challenges to make the game more interesting
  11. At tougher situations, power-ups in the game will help to keep going
  12. Global leader board to challenge and play with players around the world
  13. Creative animations used across the game
  14. Custom selection of background music from a well curated list
  15. Tips about the game, facts and figures are displayed for additional learning

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