All In On AVAX

I’ve been following AVAX for a while now, I wrote about making it part of my portfolio a few days ago, and I almost regretted my decision when it fell more than others, but on the rebound, it also gained more than others. Not making up for the whole loss, but I think it has the best growth potential in the next 5 days. The cryptocap seems to be growing, and AVAX seems to be the darling in the midcap range.

The two day looks dire, but the 23 hr is looking good. The top V&A shows growth, the bottom is an average of the last three frames so it is skewed hy the market swing.

Taking a look at AVAXBTC specifically, here’s what I see on the horizon: A brief selloff on the day, followed by growth at the end of the 2D heading into the 3D. On the 5D, we’re looking like great growth and I have reason to believe that the 5D is not overly ambitious, since it handled the Bitcoin selloff like it wasn’t no thing.

Let’s take a look and see what happens! That’s the fun of the market.

Reviewing Choices

CAKE had short term potential, but it needed to be sold quickly and did not fair well during the crash. I happened to see that a new ‘game changing’ DEX was being built off of CAKE, so maybe in the long term this is a swap to the look at. ATOM still has strong fundamentals (as much as one can glean in this market), but I don’t see it being a winner over the next two weeks.

This is NOT investment advice. This is purely informational. I am not associated with, nor do I endorse, any of the securities, coins or other financial instruments mentioned in this article. These articles are a means of noting changes and keeping public evidence of either success or failure in predicting crypto markets. I am not responsible for losses. Disclaimer: I have small stakes in the assets I outline because I believe they have growth potential. I am not a HODLer, I’m an amateur trader with no credentials and I am not a financial advisor. Don’t trust a thing I say, do your own research.



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