How to be a better Software developer

Being a software developer is not a one day affair. Learning how to code is not easy. There are lots of things you need to do to be a great software developer. I remember when I was a novice, everything seems questionable to me, I always ask myself “how is it possible”, and “how did it get to work”. Asking questions can be boring but without “Questions”, you can’t learn. Questions are important, i ask a lot of question and that is what drives me to try new thing and to seek out new information. But when there is no answer, what do you do? You keep finding until you seek but you should know when to stop. Some things can’t be explainable or fully understood.

I see programming as a problem that leads to many question and has so many solutions. You can give 100 programmers to find solutions to a problem, they all bring different solution in code but they all have the same result. The only thing that counts is “Efficiency”

To be a great software developer, these are the things you should be doing:

  1. Learning: Learning is a gradual process, it takes time. And for you to have the time, you have to be dedicated and passionate. Learning how to code makes you think as Steve Jobs mentioned. “The more you think, the more you find new ways to do things differently”

2) Never give up easily: IF you give up easily on a problem you are trying to solve, or you have the mindset of always figuring out things later, you are in deep shit. It is better you don’t start than to get into it. “If you don’t solve it now, you would have to start all over”. The time and brain power channeled to figure out that problem matters, the more you figure out a way to solve it, the chances of getting it done and many possibilities will be opened for you. Even if you can’t figure it out, google it! someone out there might be having the same issue, but before you do that make sure you try to solve it yourself.

3) Do some projects: Not all projects have to be a solution to a problem or a business idea to run your startup. Projects makes you learn too. You have to get your hands dirty. Don’t wait until you find the right idea before you start working on projects, you can pick up and existing project and improve it. You can start with a Todo app, Inventory app, Weather app or anything basic. That is when the “what if” question comes in like, what if I can sync user Todos and send them notifications when its completed by a team member working on it, or wait!!! What if I sync Todos and integrate it with the user device voice recognition service and play the Todo out loud when it is completed? Yeah!!! Lots of questions and the answer is not far away.

4) Do some research: A lot of research needs to be done; ideas do not come from sitting at one place, you need to do some research and find out about lots of things like statistics, economy growth, business strategies, technology news, trading, crytocurrency. Knowing some of these would suffice. We are in a world where ideas are scare. Most of the ideas that turn out to be a successful business today already exist; you just need to make improvement. Take Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Whatsapp for example, the competition is never endless; you just have to stay on top!

5) Dedication and passion: At first you might not find it easy to be dedicated or have the passion for programming, I understand. Sometimes you have to bring out time to build passion for it. If you are a musician and you release a track once in a year, would you say you are dedicated? Most successful people you see today sacrificed their time staying focused on accomplishing something. There is no way on God’s green earth you can have passion for something you don’t love. Dedication and Passion are two different things; you have to dedicate your time first before passion can comes in “The passion will keep you going”. I learnt programming the hard way, I didn’t have enough education on it though, but how do I know most programming languages like JavaScript, C#, Node JS, Asp.Net, Database design, Html5 and more? Because I have the passion for it and I keep learning.

6) Share the knowledge: Now you know all these things, what next? What if you have the passion and you’re very good at what you do but nobody knows you or no job for you. Imagine you have a job for what you love doing, would it make you feel happy? Or what if you find yourself doing what you don’t love? Having an online presence matters, join communities and forums like StackOverflow, put your codes on GitHub, have a blog, work on freelance projects, go for events and start networking, brand yourself, write some articles... Knowing how to code is not all but sharing the knowledge is what matters. There was a time, my online presence was 0%, but I started a blog strictly focused on what I do, I do some projects and share the code on GitHub, answer and ask some questions on StackOverflow, these are the things you need to do to start branding yourself. Building your online presence might take time, but it would surely yield good result for you.

Be Great,

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