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Love is like a never-ending echo

returning again and again

like a song caught in the mind

It rises when you wake

lulls you to sleep

it’s always there

as long as you keep it alive

a piece of it buried inside

the molecules float in your entity

and dance with an everlasting energy

Many things are like leather and lace

Others offer an eternal embrace

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~`~`~`~`~ One Moment More ~`~`~`~`~

As if on the gossamer threads of last night’s dew

I wait upon a field of grass in a meadow with a view

Wispy thoughts and idyllic daydreams of a man I once knew

Mountain passes rise and stand strong against the skies

Not the ones that we used to know, for these rugged vista’s remain coated in snow

As the sun warms the hills and climes,

A fragrance of the alpine flowers reminds me of your glow

Warming my cheeks, was it you

Could it be true at long last

You’ve found me again

Will you stay

You hardly ever do

Oh time, you are a cruel creature

How I long to bend you to my will

Hold you captive

make you stand still

at least for just one moment more

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Some of us never fit into those easy places' society wants to shove us. Myself as well grew up as a dyslexic in the 70's Atlanta GA school system had no idea of what to do with me but stick me in classes with what they considered other "handicapped" children. By the grace of God I am the youngest of 5 kids and thought OK, I am not good with books but I am good with people. Thru my faith & love of reading an insatiable curiosity my vocabulary improved to an extent that I surpassed others my age. They finally stopped trying to force me on a short bus. From one geeky gal to a nerdy dude, thank you for this post. You are in darn good company!



The sun is shining here, but the rain is softly falling in my heart.

Heat shimmers and the humidity is high, and I am still longing for the cool mist of the Pacific Northwest.

Cloudy days sounds like a balm for my pale skin.

The people a bit quiet, offer a peace, I’m interested in.

Feet itching,

Soul longing,

Passion growing,

To stop dreaming,

To actually learn firsthand and know what I am missing.

It might be enough just to stay someplace else for a while.

To get out of my element and try to fly.

What can it hurt?

You can always back track on the trail and return to where you started.

Yes, trailblazing is only meant for those that are brave hearted.

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CJ Luna

CJ Luna

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought her back. Do you ever feel like you have lived 9 lives? Would you live any differently? Hmmm