Let me link to an excellent article written by Nicolas Colin which effectively deconstructs the…
Michael Nolivos

Ive read and commented on that article. It doesn’t deconstruct the arguments for and against basic income. It is deeply biased (against) and misses much of what basic income is really about and the potential it has:

  • Rewarding those contributions to society that are not paid
  • Redressing the balance between employer and employee by giving employees the ability to demand better pay and conditions because they aren’t held hostage by the need for a wage to survive
  • Incentivising people to work rather than penalising them as most current welfare schemes do
  • Acknowledging that it is barbaric that in the 21st century we are forced to work to feed ourselves and provide the necessities of life.

The biggest misconception about basic income is that it replaces work. It doesn’t. It supplements it. People will still work. They may do different things. More interesting things. If we are to evolve beyond the Dickensian workhouse mentality that is still pervasive in society we need to completely change how we think about work.

We get one life. It seems crazy to me that people are forced into servitude for the best years of it just to survive. Not everyone loves their job or lives for their job. For those that do – great – keep going. For those that don’t. Basic income gives people the opportunity to think differently. Try new things. Those who oppose it really oppose the liberation of the masses from wage slavery. It is elitism.

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