CJ Comu | CEO Job Description

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CJ Comu | CEO Job Description

A CEO means a chief executive officer who is the show-runner of a company. He is the operational head and is accountable for all the operations of the organisation. Since he is the overall in charge, he thus holds a very important position. A CEO is also like the representative and the primary decision maker of a company. This is position is associated with power, prestige, responsibilities, financial income and is the highest executive position in any company.

Because of the importance of this post, a CEO has many job responsibilities:
• He has to make all strategic plans for his company and formulate business targets
• He must evaluate the profitability of the business plans suggested by different departments and consults with the board of directors
• He implements the financial investment plans for the company
• He must study and distribute budgets to different projects
• Besides focusing on generating revenues, he must also look out for expansions through mergers and acquisitions

A CEO, thus, needs to have exceptional leadership skills and must be able to motivate the company through his words and actions. He should have quick decision-making abilities, communication skills, and must regularly interact with others in the corporate world to build a network.

The CEO Job Description involves lots of duties and responsibilities and reaching this post is not easy as one need to have enough experience to be able to handle the responsibilities associated with this job. One may, however, start with an MBA degree with specialisation in any field, and gradually work his way up the corporate ladder to become CEO.

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