Product managers are taught to say no. They are constantly inundated with requests from sales, executives, customers and the market. Developing an effective product strategy means saying no more often than yes. Des Traynor at Intercom says that delivering a cohesive product with well defined parameters requires PMs to make tough calls, including saying no.

When you’re afraid to make hard decisions, you fall back on appealing to the unknown, and therefore building everything.

And when you build everything, you end up with a product that’s confusing and helpful for no one.

So how do you get them to say…

The different types of issues your customers have demand different responses.

Everyone knows “one-size-fits-all” is often a lie. Solutions might fit most, but for the few outliers, the fit is usually really, really, poor. Support is no exception; in truth, support requires even more specific tailoring of your team’s response to the nature of the interaction with the customer.

In the SaaS industry, there are a few separate buckets that almost all of the emails your team receives will likely fall into. Luckily, within each of these buckets, tickets will usually have similar prioritization levels, one type of appropriate response, and the same set of team members will need to be…

Tagging can be a powerful tool for any customer support team. When done correctly, tags serve as a common language to communicate the customer journey at scale — when having one person keep in touch with every single customer is no longer an option.

When it was just me, I knew everything, so I was the entire voice of the customer.

Now we’re bigger. When we give feedback, folks ask, “How much of a problem was that last week? Is this just what you remember or is this a real trend? Are all the agents seeing the same trends?


I am the stereotypical startup founder HBO’s Silicon Valley was born to mock, but I love the show. I went to Stanford, live in Palo Alto, and am working on my second company right now. In one of the final episodes from season three of Silicon Valley, Pied Piper (the fictional company around which the show revolves) struggles to gain product/market fit. Last night, when I finally got around to watching the show, in my head I was shouting “We could totally solve this!” I had to write a post explaining why.

Startups face many problems. “Silicon Valley” has done…

My wife and I recently took a red-eye flight into Boston for our college reunion. We landed at 6am and were exhausted, so I decided to call an Uber rather than taking the subway.

Six minutes later, my phone buzzed and informed me that our Uber had arrived, but the promised red Prius was nowhere in sight. So, I called the driver, and found out that he was on the departures level whereas we were upstairs at arrivals (as specified by the app). The driver said that he’d circle around and come get us. 10 minutes went by and still…

Idiomatic helps companies identify pain points and friction for their users by structuring their customer feedback (support emails, reviews, survey comments). The data below comes from our platform. If you want to explore the Uber data in Idiomatic’s dashboard, request a login.

Without a doubt, Uber is a business and social phenomenon. Despite being a magnet for controversy (e.g., cities forcing them out, lawsuits by drivers), Uber continues to thrive because it has created a magical experience for a large swath of riders. But, Uber’s path to world domination / IPO requires continued growth, which means winning over more riders…

Welcome to the very first blog post by your friends here at Idiomatic. We’ve chosen a blog to announce ourselves instead of your run-of-the-mill funding announcement because, frankly, we don’t currently have plans to raise any money. We’ve already accomplished some amazing things, and we’re very excited about what’s next. We’re working on important problems, we’re overcoming big challenges, and we’re having fun doing it. But first things first, how did we get here?

What we believe.

What is an important truth that very few people agree with?

— Peter Thiel

This is a question that Paypal founder and early Facebook investor Peter…

thx to My Wife for letting me photo her belly

A journey to parenthood inspires a Company.

My wife and I decided to try to start our family sometime in the spring of 2012. At the time, we had been married for 4 years. We’d spent our early married years blissfully ignoring advice from relatives like this gem from my father: “There’s never a good time to have kids, so it’s always a good time to have kids.” We finally decided that 2012 was the year. Like most women of her age, my wife had been taking oral contraceptives for years, so she went to the doctor and asked “We’re going to get pregnant, anything we should…

Christopher Martinez

3X Stanford alumni; entrepreneur in residence (with my wife)

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