Meet the Heroes of the Hilton Head Hospitality Industry
Ester Bloom

It’s sad to see exploitation like Regine’s, but it’s also very common. The reality is exporting human capital is a significant portion of Philippine’s GDP. So you’ll get parasites trying to leach off of that system. On one side they advertise it as a way to get into America and send money home, on the other side, they charge the participant crazy fees for the privilege of being in the US. I’m sure they also work with employers on US soil to promise them a cheap labor source as well.

The thing about the Philippines is that there’s also a pretty good, partially even Westernized education system. So on one hand, you’ve got plenty of doctors, nurses and engineers making their way to the US and making good salaries on day one. On the bottom end, you basically have modern day indentured servants who hear those stories and want it for themselves.

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