A Robot Etiquette Question of the Day
Nicole Dieker

We humans can form an emotional bond with almost anything remotely resembling another human. Bomb squad teams have reported feeling distress when their robot was “injured”. Just last week, some study found Paro the robot Seal really was therapeutic. And on a lighter note, another study this week found humans got physiologically aroused when touching specific “areas” of robots.

Which is all to say that I can totally see kids misunderstanding and anthropomorphizing Alexa. Myself, I 100% get annoyed at Alexa when she can’t understand which lights I want her to turn on, and only half of that is at her programmers. And I definitely felt genuine gratitude when she woke me up right on time for an early conference call.

That said, if you think it’s Alexa that’s making your kids into brats, it’s probably because you’re not doing a good job at raising non-bratty kids.