How Our Freedoms Are Being Revoked…

On Monday, 18 more Info Wars related accounts were banned on twitter, furthering the popular sentiment that, when you speak out against the main stream narrative, you’re no longer allowed to speak at all. As fans of George Orwell already know, the idea that the government would one day start policing language is nothing new. It wasn’t even new in Orwell’s day. Part of the reason the forefather’s and early settlers of America fled England was because they were being stifled by the powers that be. They risked their lives, and many were lost, traveling to the new world in search of freedoms we now, by in large, take for granted. Freedom to make and keep your own money, freedom to exchange ideas and speak your mind, freedom to follow your own religion, etc. They were escaping the oppressive monarchy that ruled their every move. Something a large part of today’s society inconsiderately thinks they’re dealing with in America. No, today they’re not fighting for the right to speak their minds, they’re fighting for the right to silence anyone who disagrees with what they’ve been brainwashed into thinking. Essentially, they’re fighting to be told what to do, where to go, how to think, how to speak, who to engage with, how to engage, who to give their money to, how to spend their money, what to watch on tv or the internet, and how to live their lives. The mainstream media tells us what were supposed to be thinking about and how were supposed to be feeling about it and anyone who has the ungratefulness to disagree or speak out against it, is theoretically stolen from their beds in the middle of the night, muzzled, and placed in a cold, dark room they’re not allowed to leave without permission. Alex Jones, to date, is the biggest victim of this. He spoke out against the narrative because he saw cracks in the lining. At first, he made a lot of great points and, if nothing else, encouraged his listeners to think outside of the box. Not to say that all of Mr. Jones’ thoughts were self created. He spoke to people in the know who were arguably dealing with some personal guilt. He gathered facts and information and a network of sources. He wasn’t coming completely out of left field. Then, something changed. Maybe he was too eager to make money or have people listen to his line of thought, or maybe he got frustrated with what he saw and the lack of outrage from the general public. Whatever it was, it seems to me that he got so entrenched in his own world view that his frustration drove him to the brink of madness. Or maybe he was driven there. Either way, he started becoming lager than life. A living meme, and that’s when the mainstream media that he spoke out against saw their opportunity. In a single moment, he was simultaneously erased and banned from Facebook, YouTube, and iTunes. Twitter and all other forms of social media were soon to follow, some because of public protest. In response, he created his own Info Wars app so that his millions of listeners could still follow him. That too was soon erased and banned.

So lets do some deducing.

  • All forms of media are spouting the same narratives.
  • Millions of people dealing with the unimportance of their own lives (largely due to the progressing liberal narrative that has been slowly gaining steam since the 1960’s and the dampening of the church’s relevance in society, making way to the growing acceptance of, for lack of a better word, sinfulness) have blindly and completely swallowed the narrative.
  • Anyone who speaks out against this narrative is unplatformed, silenced and unpersoned.

Doesn’t this mean that the media, and whoever is controlling it, could get any point, regardless of validity, accepted by the masses? Doesn’t this make way for even more people to be manipulated into literally fighting for less rights? Aren’t we now striving for a way of life that our ancestors desperately removed themselves from? How is this progression and how far does it have to go before we realize what’s happening? If anyone who chooses to think outside of the box is thrown in cyber prison, how will new ideas be cultivated? How will we as a society get smarter, stronger, and more ambitious and, should the situation arise, form a strong enough army to fight back against the tyranny were all claiming to be so afraid of? Do we now truly believe that a democratic leader saying that he wants to put the individuals he governs first, is a fascist for saying it? Do we not see that we’ll attempt to actually ruin the lives of anyone that leader seeks to appoint? Do we not get that we’ll accept any false flag perpetrated solely for the purpose of manipulating our votes in their favor? Folks, that’s not a democracy, that’s a manipulation of our thoughts. It’s our freedoms aggressively and cleverly being revoked. We should be fighting for Alex Jones’ right to speak, because if we don’t, who will fight for ours when it’s our turn to be silenced?