As a millennial black woman, growing up in third-generation poverty in Detroit, MI, I was exposed to many family members–my grandma, grandfather, aunties, and uncles– who witnessed first-hand the long fight for civil rights and liberties. I recently sat down with a few of them to ask about their upbringing during the Jim Crow Era to see if they feel like America has truly progressed for Black communities and if we would one day achieve social equality.

Our conversations focused on their childhood, racism, and the systematic suppression that deprived Black Americans of the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness promised to us for over 400 years. Today, my community’s civil rights are still violated with police brutality, a wide pay gap, and, most importantly, voter suppression. …


Chiquita Jackson

Political & Communications Intern at America Votes | Columbia College of Missouri | B.S., Political Science & Sociology | Detroit, MI

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