And so it began…

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Seated on my chair, saying to myself “how can you be better, you have a lot to learn, you so need an avenue to”. I knew about the Nanodegree courses, but a young man like me couldn’t afford them. Then a then colleague of mine Taiye Oloriade asked me, “Have you heard of Andela ALC?”, obviously not, then he sent me a link and I read about it, got to know about the ALC Intermediate program and I registered.

We were asked to develop an android that would enable its user search and view Github developers based on location and language. The mini project was kinda cool, I got to learn some basic stuffs about Retrofit that I kinda didn’t pay attention to prior to the project (link to the project in Github). I submitted the project, was shortlisted and the next and major phase of my journey started.

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.

It wasn’t easy to be honest, I was serving my great nation when the program started, working as a developer at my PPA and keeping up with the program was not easy. Andela was very instrumental in helping us learn. We were split into teams of 6 and were encouraged to hold one another accountable and inspire each other into completing the courses, the projects and taking the certification exam.

The programs required I log on to Udacity, watch the tutorial videos and complete the side projects and major projects. We had a timeline in the community we were following which required us to send in our progress report weekly.

My Team

Funny individuals I must say, I haven’t met any of them in person, just virtually on Slack and WhatsApp but pretty awesome people I must say, we had our arguments and “yabbing” (what is a team without those “kiikiikii”).

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

My Experience

An awesome one I must say, I got to know more about android development even basic stuffs I didn’t know about, let me give you one example:


I have been using “@+id” to add an id to views but never realized that each character have a specific role to play (“IKR, stupid me!”). I worked on 3 different projects covering different aspects of android development, was an illuminating experience I must say. It was challenging yet rewarding.

It’s all part of my journey — I’ve done a lot of stupid things, but you learn by your mistakes.

We had sessions with Google experts, developers from Google, guys from Andela; Chimdindu Aneke, Awosupin Olalere Solomon, Moyinoluwa Adeyemi (“I hail ma”), Segun Famisa(“I hail sir”). Amazing sessions I must, questions were asked, answers were given, advice and words of wisdom were given, resources were made available. I learnt a lot from these guys, got reminder of stuffs I knew, got to know about new stuffs. Knowledge and experience that money can’t buy.

This has been an amazing 3-month journey. So on this day, Tuesday 18th of July 2016, I crossed my T’s, and dot my I’s, did a final run through, zipped my final project and submitted, now looking forward to the final step, the exist interview.

My journey continues, because I’ve, you know, conquered a lot. And I know how to conquer the rest.

A big thank to Andela and the ALC team for this opportunity, to Udacity and Google for the amazing course content. A special thank you to the facilitators; Chimdindu Aneke and Awosupin Olalere Solomon, “I comot my hat for una, una well done”.

This also is my first post on medium YIPPEE!! More posts to come even as I contribute my own quota to the community.

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