Undifficult Design

The point of art is to tell a story. If your audience doesn’t understand what you’re saying, then it’s not working. Message is everything — you need to compose well, being as clear as possible.

That does NOT mean you have to struggle with the design process. In fact, if you use some simple guidelines, you will find more energy to make creative decisions.

Try these on for size:

What are you saying again…?

Have you forgotten yet? You can’t be cohesive without a thematic message. Take that extra moment and figure what you want to say and who you’re saying it to.

Rule of Thirds

Divide your canvas into thirds. Are the elements balanced and spaced in a pleasing way? If you still don’t know what that means, put a grid on an attractive design and note where the elements are arranged.

Golden Ratio

Honestly, I think this voodoo is bogus. It’s the 1.618 blah blah ratio that’s apparently attractive to humans. If it helps you begin arranging how something might work — go for it. However, be willing to shuffle everything around afterwards.

Haiku it

Try to say more with less — be ruthless. Remove anything that is distracting. You are navigating eyeballs to see the signal from the noise.

Glitter on the poster

Mom and I would make posters in middle school for my class projects. If it was boring, there was nothing that glitter couldn’t solve. When in doubt, dump glitter all over your focal point.

AND…if none of that works — just make something that moves you and then please share it.

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