I’m curious what you’ve tried to do with it where it’s failed?
Chris Messina

The difference for me between Alexa and Siri is night and day. Alexa is unable to parse what I’m saying in the first place more than half the time. When she does successfully parse, she can’t answer it or can’t do it. She used to control my Hue lights and my air conditioner. Six months ago she suddenly stopped being able to do that and it’s not clear why. Alexa really falls down when I try to request things on Spotify that I know I’m articulating correctly. She’s never succeeded.

In contrast, Siri can parse what I’m saying 99.99% of the time and I’d say answer my request 98% of the time. I recognize that, for now, Siri has the advantage of being attached to a screen for certain requests. But Siri seems like real natural language machine learning technology whereas Alexa so far seems like a classic expert system with deterministic if-this-then-that statements hardcoded by hand. Siri also seems to know more about current events, upcoming public events, and the world in general.

I know Google has the best AI right now. And I would switch to the Google Home but I can’t stand the ‘Google’ trigger options. Funny the little things that influence a purchase decision. I also use Apple Music 😏