I Attended A Wedding

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I attended a wedding yesterday. Not sure I would have forgiven myself if I had missed out. I am saying so because it was yet another busy day for me in Life’s Lessons Auditorium. It was the wedding of a friend that helped me weather my storm.

He had played an awesome role for me in the past that showed me an angle of friendship I rarely could define. He housed me at some point in my life without complaining despite how crazy I could be. In the process, he uttered no bad word in the open about my suffocating presence in his house.

I was also there at the beginning when these two lovebirds started out on this phase of love and life. I made it on one of the early visits to his inlaws’. I term this couple fortunate and favored because not all romance ends up with the exchange of marital vows. Lucky you Bruv.

I noticed something strange in the attendance. Am not saying the reception hall was not filled to capacity as is the style in an African wedding. It had all those lovely people with wonderful attires which created a perfect blend with the decoration. The flop in the attendance as keenly observed by me was about his colleagues. Out of 144 of his co-workers, only 13 were able to join him in celebrating this awesome day. Not that he gave a damn about their scanty presence but I was just been observant to a fault. I was always on a hunt so as to draw learning points from situations. In the city where the occasion took place, a huge presence of this circle of colleagues was sighted but they chose not to join in this once in a lifetime experience. No genuine reason given.

I did not need them to tell me why they made that choice. The reason was quite obvious.

“Karma had come for my friend and his co-workers formed a formidable alliance to give Karma relevance”.

Almost 70% of them plus your narrator got married over the last 4 years but my friend was only able to attend 1% out of the lot. He was also not there for me when I tied the knots with my Darling Wife. So the occurrence yesterday was not an accident. We don’t treat our relationships with friends with disrespect. It’s not out of place to celebrate with friends when good things happen in their lives. Be it weddings, childbirth, promotions, graduation etc. Showing presence, sending congratulatory texts and other possible means with which we could use to join in the celebration should not be overlooked.

Don’t bail out on friends when they need you otherwise we end up giving Karma an advantage it will never get tired of. I will say Karma just got yet another victory after yesterday. Am sure of this.

His actions in the past sent whispers of discord to his friends, so they stayed clear. I hope he learnt a thing or two from this experience.

Happy Married Life Friend, I Am Glad I Made it.

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