The Bread of Life: the true meaning of a simple recipe — a Christmas message

The concept of the ‘Bread of Life’ is generally associated with Christianity. In the Bible Jesus symbolically refers to himself as the Bread of Life.

The idea Jesus was teaching is that those who partake of this bread will feel full and never hunger again, all burdens will be lighter and that the individual will experience everlasting joy, peace, happiness etc. An important point to keep in mind is that the ‘bread’ is free; always has been and always will be!

What I’d like to explain is my philosophical understanding regarding the nature of the ingredients. These ingredients are as important as the finished loaf of bread as they contain the unrefined essence of pure truths, which are eternal by nature. In other words these ingredients never corrode or diminish and once combined and partaken of, will ALWAYS make an individual whole!

Another important point about the nature of the ingredients is that they do not favour anyone in particular, or in other words, the ingredients cannot be partial or hold any biased views. These ingredients possess an attribute of being unconditional; this unique component is their most treasured and distinguishable characteristic.

For example one ingredient is Love. Love cannot choose sides. Love cannot deceive. Love does not control others, Love is not a dictator, Love cannot hate. Love is gender-less. Love has no boundaries. Love has no culture, religion or nation. Love has no monetary value. Love feels no pride. Love has no prejudices. Love has never fueled anger. Love is not contentious. Love has never waged war. Love does not make enemies. Love will never think it’s better than another. Love is not racist. Love is colour blind. Love is not a respecter of persons… the list can go on and on and on! Other ingredients could include hope, kindness, charity, faith, patience etc.

There are no supermarkets, societies, communities, institutions, rooms or special individuals from whom you can purchase these ingredients. The simple fact is this: EVERY HUMAN BEING has all the ingredients stored in their ‘internal pantry’. The problem is that many don’t realize they’re there! Throughout the fibers of every thought, word and deed you’ll find these ingredients nestled deep in your sub-conscious. Because these ingredients are found within every individual, every individual has the freedom to choose what ingredients govern their lives!

These words may seem obscure, however once the meaning of the bread of life is understood correctly things will become clearer, dark things will be brought to light and because of this process, which I call becoming enlightened, some questions will arise and others will be answered.

For many of us it is easier to understand tangible objects such as bread, than it is to comprehend what Love is. WHY?

The reason is this: EVERY HUMAN BEING is made up of eternal and natural elements! Our current reality and view of the world is influenced mainly by our natural side. By nature our natural side is diametrically opposed to our eternal side! We place conditions on ourselves to make sense of who we are and where we fit in. In terms of our social interactions we place conditions on others. We judge ourselves and are our worst critics, we judge others and identify who we like and dislike. We create races, groups, communities, institutions, governments, societies, cultures, religions, armies etc which all have standards that will impede and influence our individual choices. A measure is placed to see if we are living up to the standards of these organised bodies; consequences are put in place for failure… our level of happiness and respect for ourselves and others become conditional!

The bread of life is supposed to help us understand who we are in relation to God. These ingredients are found in each and every one of us. While one does not have to believe in Jesus to possess the ingredients or even bake the bread, He is the embodiment of all the ingredients combined and baked into the perfect everlasting loaf. Whenever we do something that brings us and others joy (for we all have individual desires of happiness) we have followed God’s recipe and have eaten the bread, which ultimately means we have become one with God. Like it or not that is the simple truth!

Everything culminates into one simple rule, love God and treat others how you would like to be treated.

YOU possess the ingredients of God but in order to combine those ingredients to make the bread of life, you must first learn to truly Love yourself unconditionally, regardless of what you think are your imperfections or what conditions others have placed on you. Secondly you must learn to project the same Love towards others. If this becomes your foundation I know you will feel full and never hunger again, all your burdens will be lighter and you will undeniably see God!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this reading and have a wonderful Christmas. May you share your individual loaves with everyone this holiday season

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