Get Vulnerable: The London Real Life Accelerator — a review

This is my short review of the London Real Life Accelerator. During these six weeks I met wonderful people, learned new things about myself, how to create new habits and how helpful it is to be held accountable. If you want to check out a video review Mike and I made: click here.

What I take from the course: new habits and techniques to get them going periodically, and a loving and a supporting community that I am very happy to be part of.

The course is scheduled over six weeks and each week is designed to add up on the previous one, going through varied topics such as meditation, low-media diet, nutrition, movement and finally relationships. It all makes sense at the end: there is no single aspect that will make you feel fulfilled if you disregard the others. We need all of them, and the London Real team created a great method to challenge you and strengthen you on all fronts.

Why I pulled the trigger

In one phrase: I was tired of setting up a goal, start highly-motivated, watch motivation drop as time goes by, not achieving what I wanted and ending up frustrated. I said to myself this was my chance to change this.

I first watched Brian Roses' webinar on Getting Things Done I was quite skeptical: is this a scam? do these guys care to help us or do they just want to make money? I looked at other London Real's videos and I was convinced that there was a genuine interest to share the knowledge Brian and his team accumulated, with a magic but fundamental touch of accountability, which I recognized I was needing.

Two greatest things about the course

In my experience there were two main ingredients I would put on top: the community and affirmations. I go in more detail below.

The Community

Something amazing happened during these six weeks: people from all over the world, from different cultures and jobs connecting deeply and sharing their biggest strengths and weaknesses, supporting and pushing to help each other grow. The London Real team was key here to help us open up to each other, leaving us time after the keynote talks to exchange our opinions. There was no censorship: we could talk about anything, disagree, laugh, cry.

Some organized meditation sessions, others did one-to-one talks to support each other in difficult times.

And it is not over: we will stay in touch for a year, and hopefully even longer, talking to each other periodically. I can already feel that some of us will start projects together and eventually create wonderful new connections. You can find almost any profile in the course: from artists to fitness coaches and engineers, to computer scientists. Such variety creates a huge idea tank, and brainstorming becomes spontaneous and natural.


Affirmations are phrases you say to yourself to inspire you, that may not be true right now, but help your brain be comfortable in taking actions and risk to achieve what you want. You tell yourself this everyday, for example in the morning.

Affirmations were a key for me to create new habits and keep them over time. I think it would have been much harder without them.

Brian made an inspiring video about affirmations. The trick is to feel it, think of what it means, how it would make you feel if it were true right now. One I use everyday is I’m excited and comfortable with living the present moment and ready to deal with being uncomfortable and fear, and accept whatever comes my way and learn to make work into play. It helps me take whatever comes my way and try to make the best out of it, to remember that there usually there is no need to escape, but instead face whatever happens.

Final Words

I am glad I took this course. I feel more confident now and at the same time connected to those around me and myself. I also feel I can be more vulnerable with others around, which means I am comfortable with acting and expressing myself as I am, and therefore more likely to achieve my goals and spread my ideas.

Would I recommend this course? Definitely! Beware: this is course is not about learning hundreds of pages about nutrition, psychology and spirituality. It is about doing what you want to do. You will get some help to find the answers you are looking for, but the journey is yours; you are the one who has to take the leap and sweat for it, get uncomfortable and find meaning in what you do. Are you ready to pull the trigger?

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