Projection globe can be controlled through a tablet such as an iPad

The range of projection globe offered by Global Imagination is truly interactive and offer as astounding experience. The projection globe can be easily controlled through use of a tablet, such as an iPad. The users of projection globe believe that it is a product which matches both your teaching style and students learning styles as well. The projection globes are deemed to be user friendly and are easy to incorporate into your lessons. For user’s convenience Global Imagination has already aggregated the world’s largest library of global content. This allows the users a vast variety and they can pick up things that are most useful for them.

Incorporating the projection globe into your lesson is easy as it’s merely a point and click process. Even though Global Imagination has offered a vast variety of applications for projection globe nevertheless the user is not only limited to the content that has already been created for them. The Internet is you go to place and the choices are boundless. Creating your own media for the Magic Planet projection globe is easy. Global Imagination has offered plug in for After Effects in order to create professional spherical movie making experience.

Previously, a study was conducted involving a target segment of 1400 students. The results of the study display that use of Magic Planet projection globe has successfully increased student comprehension by an average of 16% amongst different products. In addition, the projection globe is also helpful in increasing class participation and collaboration on projects. Students today have become more interested in learning through interactive practices.

Therefore, thinking out of the box and coming up with new and innovative learning practices is the key to success. It can be stated that without a doubt, the projection globe is just right as it helps with the challenges of moving to new standards.

All in all, Magic Planet projection globe is an ideal product as it helps people overcome the current learning challenges and has enhanced the learning process by setting up new standards. The projection globe has presented the world with boundless opportunities and never fails to amaze its users. Magic Planet is being manufactured by world’s leading supplier of digital video globes. The company believes its range of globe is different from its competitors as it comes with an astounding spherical display.

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