Why I Unfollowed You on Instagram
Ian C Rogers

Why I [Really] Unfollowed You on Instagram

Here are 5 possible honest reasons for why I unfollowed you on Instagram:

  1. You take too many selfies; if I can scroll through your page, stop randomly, and selfies fill the entire screen, that’s too many selfies. I understand that you’re confident and happy, but a camera is used to capture moments in time, not just your face.
  2. You had a baby; hey, I get it. That’s your child, your flesh and blood. You have an instinct to record every waking moment of his/her life, but is it really necessary to share every moment with everyone else on a daily basis? Sure, post a few, but save some photos for yourself, make a physical scrap book like your parents did before you. Or if you’re environmentally conscious, create a Facebook album. But keep it all in one place. Not all over my feed.
  3. You post way too often; I dont want to open my Instagram and see ~20 pictures of almost the same thing every time. Please, choose one or two good quality photos that best embody the experience you’re looking to share. Quality over quantity is key here friend.
  4. You’re just not good at taking pictures; I mean, I’m not saying you have to be a Nat Geo photographer to be on Instagram, but put some effort into your photos. The blurry, grainy pictures you’ve taken of your cat, or your morning cup of coffee and toast really isn’t cutting it for me.
  5. You’re a chronic meme, quote, and screenshot poster; I thought instagram was made for photography? Use your own pictures, please. Stop reposting memes, I already follow @fuckjerry. I don’t need to see more. If I feel the need to see more, I’ll use Reddit. And leave the screenshots and picture quotes for twitter.
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