How to Compare Pricing and Value of Fundraising Platforms — Donorbox

  1. Goals and objectives;
  2. Pricing;
  3. Integrations and features;
  4. Usability and functionality;
  5. Security;
  6. Support;

1. Goals and Objectives

2. Pricing

3. Integrations and Features

Here are some of the most important features to look for in a fundraising software:

  • Embeddable forms: Embedding donation forms directly on your site increases the chance of donors completing the donation process (since you won’t be sending them off to another website to give).
  • Customizable forms: Donation forms that are fully customizable can match the look and feel of your nonprofit website by letting you brand your donation page with your own color scheme, styling, and logo.
  • Recurring donations: Recurring giving programs let donors sign up for giving at regular intervals (e.g. biweekly or monthly). They provide a reliable source of income, breed loyalty, simplify the giving process for donors, and help you plan your income.
  • Multiple payment gateways: Accepting donations in multiple currencies and enabling multiple payment gateways helps make donations simple and fast. Research shows donors are turned off by payment-related issues.
  • Suggested donation amounts: Offering different giving levels allows donors to choose how much they are willing to give. Different giving levels can increase the average size of donors’ contributions over time. It’s also helpful to he able to tie in descriptions to suggested donation amounts (e.g. $15 dollars will pay one week worth of meals for a family in India).
  • Ask donors to cover processing fees: Asking donors to cover fees associated with processing donations is a great way for your nonprofit to receive the full amount of a donation, which increases your revenue, and in return helps you advance your mission.

4. Usability and Functionality

5. Security

6. Support

1. “The Hidden Monthly Fee”

2. “The Same Product, Different Price”

3. “Contact-Based Pricing”

4. “The Hidden Fees”

5. “The Not Really Free One”

  • Recurring donations
  • Edit form fields
  • Multi-currency
  • Ask your donors to cover your fees
  • In memory off
  • Annual receipts

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