This is common at the end of a Democratic Administration.
Paul Frantizek

I think that is a bit too convenient excuse. Don’t blame this one on the past administration, you should look at the Do Nothing Congress first because they control the purse strings.

Maybe if the Pentagon and the Navy actually learned how to run a budget and pass an audit we, as a nation wouldn’t be in this mess, a mess that exists while we spend more on defense than China, Russia, India, England, France, the Gulf States, and Saudi Arabia combined.

The problem is that we can fight and win a war but we can’t manage a purse. Maybe if the Navy hadn’t thrown money away on the LCS we wouldn’t be in this mess. Maybe if we didn’t blindly go into two unfunded wars, that look to have no end we wouldn’t be in this mess. We spend more now on defense than we did during Vietnam in 1968 adjusted for inflation. And that excludes the separate war fighting budget which we didn’t have in 1968 and our Pentagon leader continue to pack with non-war related expenses.

It is too convenient just to blame any administration that doesn’t fit our political views but that’s not the culprit. The culprit is us. We don’t stop wasteful spending before its too late; the LCS (didn’t the Falklands teach us not to use aluminum?)the Crusader SPC, the Marine Expeditionary Vehicle, the Sargent York and a slew of others. We don’t force Congress to force some budget discipline on the Pentagon. Why are training and maintenance not siloed budget elements that can’t be raided or transferred without oversight? These people are running amok with our credit card and with poor results to show for it.

I remain convinced that if we get the budget managed properly we could more effectively spend the dollars we have and get a more effective force as a result. Blaming prior administrations (what did the Bush administration do after the first gulf war?) is just too easy, anti-intellectual, and does nothing to resolve the problem.

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