The Untold Preschtales

Preschtale, Part 4

Back in 2012 I released Preschtale, a chiptune/electronic sci-fi tale about a girl who travels through space and kicks some asses in a progressive way.

Having habitually kept almost all of my sketches and takes throughout the creation process, I decided to combine the most notable ones into a series of The Untold Preschtales (thanks to elhuesudoii for the title). So, let’s start with “Preschtale, Part 4”.

Outtake 1 (0:00). That plucky instrument on 0:54 was too airy. The passage on 1:07 was too crumpled.

Outtake 2 (1:20). I felt that the climax part of 1:37 started too early, so it was moved to the very end of the track. That synth solo on 2:01 was out of the track’s mood. It is too jumpy. Part at 2:04 changed the mood to major too fast. It feels like it should be the end of the track already.

Outtake 3 (2:25). This part was supposed to be at the very beginning of the track. It didn’t work well, it is too different.

Outtake 4 (3:38). I thought to try some really complex drum fills, like on 4:20, and made a few attempts to continue this way.

Outtake 5 (4:50). That part on 5:44 was supposed to bring on some really crazy solo. I still love it, but I never figured out how to go back to the original mood of the track.

Outtake 6 (6:10). The part at 7:14 brings on some atmospheric pads with jazzy solo leads and later I tried to glue it with what I did on Outtake 5. Too crumpled. It is the wrong direction. Cut.

Outtake 7 (8:15). Here I went with a couple of chip solos at 8:33 that smoothly continued the theme, and on 9:10 I thought to add some swing groove. I still love that part at 9:55 when the main Preschtale theme appears. But, I never figured out how to successfully go back to the original prog-rock groove. Cut.

Outtake 8 (10:13). Yes, I was able to find a great resolution. A bit of smooth atmosphere chords at 10:32 and that solo at 10:58… turning it immediately into another jazzy passage. Cut. It might be good for a live performance though.

Outtake 9 (11:30). DAMN! That’s going too nasty on 11:45!

Preschtale is available to download via

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